Repairs & Restorations

Stained Glass design, build and repairs in Rye, East Sussex.

From single repairs to full rebuilds, all leaded lights can be brought back to life, made weatherproof and last for many decades to come. Covering Rye, East Sussex and surrounding areas.

Windows can also be modified and panels extended to fit in doors.


Each leaded light is repaired or rebuilt sympathetically following an individual assessment. Lead width and profile is matched, glass colour and texture is matched or the nearest choice possible is used or a decision to bridge a vulnerable break is made on some occasions. The style of solder joint is replicated and ties replaced where needed.

Where required, depending on vulnerability of a window, additional yet invisible reinforcement can be built in too. Putty in the wrong place, resin adhesives that are not traditional materials, paint on the glass, are all removed and the natural shine of the glass restored using non chemical or abrasive methods.

Each window, no matter how seemingly plain or insignificant, has a story to tell about it’s life, it’s maker, it’s job and it is returned to continue to so for many decades to come.

Initially studying stained glass was no match for the years of first hand experience of training on the job, having the finer details pointed out to me, gaining real life skills and working on site as well as on the work bench. 16 years later and still no window is ever too small or unimportant.

Residential properties: Single colour plain glass on-site repairs start from £30. Viewing the windows before work commences is preferred and to discuss in full with you if an on-site repair is suitable.

Repairs can be carried out on the workbench but the cost of having the window taken out and re-installed needs to be considered.

All waste materials are cleared and disposed of responsibly and the area swept before leaving.

Larger repairs and work to larger buildings will be priced after viewing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.