Stained glass R.N.L.I. sea gulls


A new addition to the website shop and craft fairs are the very special orange and blue stained glass R.N.L.I. sea gulls.

RNLI sea gull

Each gull is hand cut from white glass which is then fused in the kiln with fine orange glass to give them their orange bodies. Finished with a dark blue glass wing, some gull legs and a little painted detailing, they are out to do an important job – to raise a awareness and a little extra money for our R.N.L.I. Rye Harbour.

RNLI sea gull

£1 from the sale of each gull will go towards the running costs, equipment and boats that are needed for our R.N.L.I. to continue to provide their amazing service.

RNLI sea gull

Please consider adding one to your order. You can find them here.

And of course, they’re fully trained!

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